THE FIDDLER: Portable LPG VS Bromic’s Complete Solution


The below comparison is based on 9kg LPG bottles, purchased at a price of $25, lasting approximately 9-hours when fueling a traditional mushroom heater.

The Fiddler previously ran 35 traditional mushroom heaters 7 nights a week for 4 months of the year, and each would roughly consume a 9kg LPG bottle per night.

This resulted in an average yearly running cost of $110,250

Bromic Heating supplied The Fiddler with the following heaters, annotated with their average energy consumption:

Disregarding the fact that these heaters can now be used as required due to their integration into The Fiddler’s C-Bus system, we have calculated average running costs for each unit if used for the same amount of time as the previous mushroom heaters.

  • Fixed gas heaters = $25719.12
  • Portable gas heaters = $25200
  • Fixed electric heaters = $8573.04

Total Running Cost = $59492.16

With the help of Bromic Heating, The Fiddler can now save over $50,000 in running costs EVERY YEAR!