Control Options Bromic Heaters FAQ

How do you turn on or off?
You can simply unplug or hardwire the unit to an on/off switch.

Are dimmers available for the heaters?
Dimmers are available for the Tungsten Electric line only, but not on gas. The reason a dimmer isn’t available for the gas wall mounted heaters is that the temperature is needed to insure the best radiant heat and efficiency. Control for gas heaters is via the different sized heaters, and the ability to swivel the heater head to direct heat as needed.
The Tungsten Portable can be manually adjusted from a low of 21,300 BTU to a high of 38,500 BTU.

How do you control the heat?
Our wall mounted gas units are either operational or dormant, with no gradient of heat in between due to the carefully calculated level of heat required to achieve maximum efficiency with our patented radiant burners.

The Tungsten Electric range can be paired with our Dimmer Controller, allowing for an adjustable range of heat. Another option for the Tungsten Electric 4000W and 6000W is to wire each element separately, allowing for a half and full strength setting.

The Tungsten Portable can be adjusted from a low of 21,300 BTU to a high of 38,500 BTU.

Is there a remote control system for the heaters?
Bromic is developing a remote system for our wall mounted heaters. In the interim, you can purchase one at a local electrical retail store.

Is there a thermostat?
No, we do not recommend using a thermostatic control with our heaters because thermostats are designed for indoor use only.

What are smart controls?
Dimmers and remote controls

Is there a cover for the heaters?
Covers are for the Tungsten Portable. For the wall mounted units, we don’t recommend the use of a cover, as the heaters could be turned on with the cover still on, resulting in a fire risk.