Bromic Heater FAQs

How many square metres of coverage?
[Numbers are based on ideal ambient conditions: 60 degrees and in a low wind covered environment.]

Tungsten 300 and Platinum 300: 15m²
Tungsten 500 and Platinum 500: 20
Tungsten Electric 2000W: 6
Tungsten Electric 3000W: 9
Tungsten Electric 4000W: 12
Tungsten Electric 6000W: 15
Tungsten Portable: 20

What is the minimum clearance?
Tungsten Gas: Floor to bottom of heater: 2000mm. From top of heater to ceiling: 350mm (with heat deflector); 1100mm (without heat deflector). Side wall to side of heater: 1100mm
Tungsten Electric: Floor to bottom of heater: 1800mm. From top of heater to ceiling: 250mm. Side wall to side of heater: 300mm

Can I mount the heaters flush against the ceiling? (Or is there a recessed mounting option?)
The Tungsten Electric line can be mounted flush.
Heaters should always be installed with manufacturer’s instructions. Please contact manufacturer for detailed information.

Can I use Bromic Heaters in coastal regions? Do they rust?
In coastal areas, it is recommended that the heaters are always under a protective cover. Regular cleaning is necessary, to be done in line and care and maintenance instructions below. For coastal installs, it is best to consult with Bromic directly, as salt air and moisture can be hazardous to all metals.

Can I put the heaters in an uncovered patio?
Bromic always recommends mounting under a cover for maximum life. If this is not possible, please consult with Bromic’s technical department to confirm the suitability of the site.

Are the gas heater heads stainless steel?
Yes, the gas heater heads are manufactured from stainless steel.