About Us

Since its establishment in 2007, Bromic Heating have revolutionized the outdoor heating industry, Worldmap_redintroducing to the market a range of products that offer the best combination of design and performance. With a focus on both style and innovation, Bromic Heating continue to successfully impact the hotel and hospitality industry while leading the market in supplying solutions to the residential and trade sectors. In 2009, Bromic Heating expanded internationally, developing  infrastructure on every continent. By doing so, Bromic Heating is fast becoming an internationally recognised brand synonymous with quality, performance, design, service and support.

As a division of the Bromic Group, Bromic Heating are backed by 30 of years industry experience and a commitment to providing our customers with products of the highest quality. Our in-house engineering professionals ensure products comply with and adhere to regionally specific certifications and approvals. In addition to industry innovation, safety is of paramount importance and lies at the core of all that we do. In turn, Bromic Heating has a quality assurance promise guided by industry benchmark standards ensuring safety, reliability and durability.



It is the commitment to innovation that ensures Bromic Heating remains a market leader in the production of premium outdoor heating equipment.  We listen to the market and invest in research and development to ensure all products meet the needs of the market whilst remaining true to our core values of performance, design and quality.

In developing products specifically for the hospitality and private markets, we continually strive to solve issues communicated by end users and produce solutions that not only provide the heat required but also enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of the environment. Some of the characteristics you will find across our range include:

  • Modern, Contemporary Design
  • Efficient Heat Distribution
  • Light Minimization
  • High-Quality Materials

At Bromic, we understand that all outdoor areas are different. Variances in size, shape, height clearances, climate and access to power are just some of the reasons why at Bromic Heating we recognize the need to offer a solution in the form of a range of products as opposed to a single technology. With its options of fixed mount or portable, gas and electric powered units, Bromic has a solution for every outdoor setting.

Extending your summer all year round has never been easier.