Traditional Patio Heaters Fare Poorly Against the Tungsten Portable

A detailed look at the two types of portable heaters puts the comparative table in our earlier post into perspective.

The patio heaters, more commonly known as mushroom or umbrella heaters, work on the concept of zonal heating. This means they heat an area of 360°around them.

Since the burner emits heat in a circular pattern, the positioning of these heaters in any area presents a dilemma; if the heaters are placed on the periphery, a great amount of heat is lost. This means that the heater is still consuming gas, but its realistic heating area and heat output are substantially reduced. Patio heaters thus offer low efficiency as well as wasting capital and degrading the environment.

Alternatively, if they are placed in the middle of an area, then they are a hindrance. This unsuitable positioning means that the heaters not only take up valuable floor space, but also present a tipping over security hazard. The mushroom heaters, therefore, provide a ‘no-win’ situation.

The Tungsten Portable heater on the other hand, deploys directional radiant heat, thereby providing the flexibility of highlighting the desired area. Unlike mushroom heaters, they can be placed on the outer edges of a space and out of the way of patrons, thereby negating the likelihood of losing seating space or creating tipping hazards.


This emission of directional radiant heat by the Tungsten Portable helps prevent heat loss. They not only provide value for money, but also more heat coverage without obstacles. The Tungsten Portable heaters therefore provide greater efficiency alongside scoring high in reliability, performance, and durability.

Existing users of patio heaters will agree with the downside of using them: they are bulky; the way they need to be set takes up valuable floor space; when ignited, people feel uncomfortable as if the sun is shining on them; under strong winds they stop working; and usually someone manually has to restart them. Owing to their design, there is a strong possibility of those heaters tipping over, presenting safety hazards. They are also more prone to maintenance issues with main burners and pilot lights. In addition, they are aesthetically unappealing, don’t last for too long, and, being cheap in price, are of low quality, thereby incurring greater service and maintenance costs.


Unlike the mushroom heaters, Tungsten Portable heaters are a premium product. They fulfill the intent of creating a stylish, aesthetically appealing product with higher efficiency. A considerable plus point of the Tungsten Portable is that its head can be tilted in vertical direction for further control. Unlike mushroom heaters, the Tungsten Portable has higher wind resistance and flame security due to a purpose-designed curved mesh cover that protects the flame at wind speeds of up to 12km/hr (7.5mph). Just in case the burner turns off and there is no flame at all, its twin thermocouples cut the gas supply off thereby saving energy and increasing efficiency.

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