Magnificent Mounting Made Easy!


Mounting fixed heaters is a great way to reclaim the floor space required by temporary portable heating. Bromic Heating’s range of simple mounting solutions make the decision to specify fixed heating a no brainer!



Bromic’s in-house engineering department strives to maintain a suite of versatile heating solutions that can be tailored to the unique applications we’re faced with daily. Once questions of fuel selection have been answered and a heating style selected, users are offered a number of application-specific mounting options additional to those included in the box.

Considering the unique properties of gas heating, our experts have deemed 8-feet to be the most efficient mounting height for both our Platinum and Tungsten gas ranges. This can easily be achieved with the provided wall mount brackets but should roof mounting be preferable, a number of ceiling poles are also available. Simply supply your floor to ceiling measurement and we’ll work out the rest!

Bromic’s electric heaters are a bit more versatile in their mounting options, sharing wall  and ceiling mounts with our gas range along with a number of other options. Ceiling pole options are limited to 3-foot lengths that can be cut shorter to suit but should our heaters be specified in a high ceiling application, we are able to supply chain suspension. Unlike gas heaters, our range of electrics can also be flush mounted within a ceiling cavity with the aid of our ceiling recess kits.

Bromic Heating have put a lot of effort in to providing a plethora of mounting options so that our industry-leading heaters can be specified in almost any application. We are so confident in the performance of our products that we are offering architects an exclusive incentive to specify our products in an application where they will undoubtedly prove themselves. Specify Bromic Heating as the preferred heating solution in your next project and we will provide you with a FREE Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable (RRP $1499) to enjoy in your own outdoor area.

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