Tungsten Portable Achieves Higher Temperature Increase than Patio Heaters

To establish the Tungsten Portable’s superiority, engineering tests utilizing infrared thermal imaging were undertaken where a Tungsten Portable (40Mj) was pitted against a common patio heater (50Mj).

The tests involved checking the temperature increase created by each heaters at 1m (3.3ft), 2m (6.6ft)  & 3m (9.9) from the heat source.

End result: Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable achieved a higher temperature increase at all distances from 1m to 3m (3.3ft to 9.9ft). 

Tests were conducted in isolation from sources of significant solar radiation and other significant sources of radiant/conductive/convective energy.



Based on these tests undertaken by Bromic Heating, the Tungsten Portable reaches higher efficiency of 94%, 140% and 300% at 1m (3.3ft), 2m (6.6ft) and 3m (9.9ft) distances respectively.

This is achieved due to its patented ceramic technology that focuses heat and provides a wider heat spread of approximately 4m (13ft) width and 5m (16.4ft) depth.

Hypothetically, where two mushroom heaters are required, only one Tungsten Portable heater can provide the same heat output.

Tungsten Portables are clearly the right choice when it comes to choosing an effective outdoor heating solution for your venue.

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