Case Study: Cost Analysis for Tungsten Portable VS. Traditional Patio Heater

Due to their inefficiency, the running cost of a mushroom heater is very high. The Tungsten Portable, on the other hand, is cost effective. To understand cost effectiveness, a hypothetical case study is undertaken.

A 50Mj mushroom heater is tested alongside a 40Mj Tungsten Portable. The location chosen is a restaurant with an outdoor floor space of 100m² (1076ft²). This outdoor area needs to be heated for 6-months every year. The restaurant is open for 5-nights every week and heaters are required for 5-hours each day. This means that the heating system is to perform for 650 hours every year. This is explained with figures and a site example below.

Heaters chosen = Mushroom (50Mj) vs Tungsten Portable (40Mj)

Fixed outdoor floor area to be heated = 100m² (1076ft²)

Heating period = 6-months per year = 26-weeks per year

Restaurant open = 5-days per week

Heating needed = 5-hours per day

Heating requirements for one week = 5 x 5 = 25-hours per week

Heating requirements for 26-weeks = 25 x 26 = 650-hours

Both heaters use propane gas = 9kg (20lb)

Cost of one bottle of gas = $25 for 9 kg

Cost per kg = $25 / 9 = $2.77

Therefore, the total consumption for one year will be: number of heaters x total hours heating required during a year x gas usage per hour.

The total price for one year will be: total consumption x cost of gas.

This total price is calculated in the table below.

Number of Heaters For 100m² (1076ft²) Gas Usage per Hour  Gas Consumption per Hour Heating Requirement for 1-year Total Consumption for One Year  Cost of Propane Gas Cost
Mushroom (50Mj)


1kg (2.2lb)

12kg (26.45lb)

650 hours per year

12 x 650 = 7800kg

$2.77 per kg

7800 x 2.77 = $21,606

Tungsten Portable (40Mj)


0.8kg (1.76lb)

6.4kg (14.1lb)

650 hours per year

6.4 x 650 = 4160kg

$2.77 per kg

4160 x 650 =$11,523

Total Difference


0.2 kg (0.44lb)

5.6kg (12.35lb)



The bottom line? In this case, the restaurant saves over $10,000 in running costs when it chooses Tungsten Portable over mushroom heaters. As the Tungsten Portable used less gas it can also be considered more environmentally friendly.

Appealing design, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness are not the only reasons why the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable gas radiant heater edges out the nearly obsolete traditional patio heater.

Tungsten Portable heaters are easily assembled, dismantled and stored. They have a unique anti-tilt structure embedded in their curved design, thereby making them viable under busy restaurant crowd conditions. They are safe, dependable, and easy to operate. They are indeed the new wave of technological advancement.

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