Save $$$$

A comparative analysis of Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable with traditional patio heater reveals energy efficient saving.









Consider 100sq.m area  –  to be heated for 6 months of a year in a restaurant  –  5 nights a week for 5 hours per night –  this means 650 hours per year  – consider then the difference between 50MJ mushroom heaters and the tungsten portable at 40MJ and consider the cost for 20 lb bottle to be $25 ea. –  cost then at $1.25 per lb of propane


Use 50MJ bottle –  assume 12 for the area

Usage will be 1kg per hour for each mushroom heater  –  means 12kg in total per hour x 650  –  cost for season = $21666

Use 40MJ tungsten –  assume 8 for the are

Usage will be 0.8kg per hour for each tungsten –  means 6.4kg in total per hour x 650  –  cost for season = $11555


SAVING  =  $10000