Heating Applications

We understand that all outdoor areas are different. Variances in size, shape, height clearance, climate, and access to power. With our options of fixed mount or portable, gas and electric powered units, Bromic Heating has a solution for every outdoor setting.

At Bromic Heating, we understand outdoor heating allows hospitality venues to generate financial opportunity previously unobtainable. Reaching this untapped resource is possible by utilising our ‘design + innovation’ in mounting options, which ensures that your customers are exposed to evenly distributed comfort heat not only when dining in your alfresco areas, but also while queuing to be seated. Space saving solution.

Outdoor comfort-heating is a powerful way to support and enhance all-round patron experiences. Additionally, offering accommodation services the ability to extend the warmer months for customers to enjoy the outdoors and non-dining areas in comfort.

From a school hall to universities or private collages, Bromic Heating offers heating solutions that can optimise the comfort of learning environments. With our ‘design + innovation’ in safety, Bromic Heating offers a superior level of protection to patrons via its electronic control, flame lockout function, and our patented Heat Distribution Guard (HDG)

Entertainment & Events Centres:
Our heating solutions are capable of catering to an ever changing roster of events and different needs and specifications of each activity, while maintaining an existing aesthetic. Bromic Heating’s ‘design + innovation’ in effective heat distribution permits space heating that offering atmosphere and comfort heat while never outshining the occasion.