Solution Providers


Since its establishment in 2007, Bromic Heating have revolutionized the outdoor heating industry, introducing to market a range of products that offer the best combination of design and performance.

Bromic Heating are solution providers, experts in not only the manufacture of exceptional radiant heating products, but also the plethora of factors that require consideration before installation to maximize efficiency.

Focused on accentuating both style and innovation in outdoor heating, our unique range of gas, electric and portable solutions allow us to offer comprehensive solutions that have successfully impacted the hospitality, commercial and residential industries.The Bourbon Kings Cross

Regularly inviting industry suppliers to participate in the definition and improvement of new products, Bromic Heating highly values the input of end users. We call this our Customer Driven Product Development (CDPD) process. Bromic Heating involves customers in CDPD projects so that we may better understand their needs, forming relationships that allow us to develop and test new models closely matched to their diverse daily operations. This results in radiant heating systems that not only deliver fantastic performance and efficiency, but also meet the identified needs of customers and venues.