Why Bromic Heating

Since its establishment in 2007 Bromic Heating has revolutionised the outdoor heating industry, introducing to the market a range of products offering the best combination of design and performance. Bromic Heating are solution providers and are outdoor radiant heating experts globally. Our unique offering of gas, electric and portable solutions, have successfully impacted the hospitality, commercial and residential industries with the focus on both style and innovation of outdoor heating.

Bromic takes its customer seriously, we invite industry suppliers to participate in defining and improving new products. We call this our Customer Driven Product Development (CDPD) process. We involve Bromic Heating customers in CDPD projects to help us better understand their needs, and work with us to develop and test new models. This results in radiant heating systems that not only deliver great performance and efficiency, but also meet the identified needs of the customers and venues that use these products.

As a customer centric organisation, we understood creating heating solutions that blend into your outdoor environments while retaining its heat efficiency were not just a commodity but a necessity. As a result this philosophy of ‘design + innovation’ has become a distinct features within the Bromic Heating range.

This philosophy is possible as our specialised in-house engineering team have designed the heaters for performance, which is supported by the comprehensive R&D and testing these products are undertaken before making it to market. Because we believe in our products, we provide a quality assurance promise with industry benchmark standards of safety, reliability and durability.

To ensure that our customers are completely in control even after their purchase, our highly experienced in-house technical department strive to offer all customers superior after service support. This complementary support advises on diagnostics, troubleshooting, and solution provisions to ensure that our heaters are working at an optimal level for you.

If a component of your heater needs replacing or updating our spare parts department is only a call or email away.
1800 SPAREPARTS or Bromic Heating