Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable: cost effective, environmentally sustainable, and energy efficient

An in-depth comparative analysis of Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable with traditional patio heater reveals the latter’s biggest flaw: less energy saving due to greater heat loss.

Both the heater’s energy efficiency can be gauged by taking into consideration the following key factors: heat output, heat coverage, wind resistance, and on-site product placement.

Table identifying key features of both heaters
ProductFeatures Good Design® Award winning Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Gas Radiant Heater Traditional Patio “mushroom style” heater
Energy efficiency More – directional radiant heat: 94%, 140% and 300% higher than patio heater at 3.3ft, 6.6ft, and 9.9ft distances Less – work on the concept of 360° zonal heating
Heat coverage Greater as directional heating – approximately 13ft width and 16.4ft depth Lesser as zonal heating
Heat output and On-site Placement Adjustable (21,300BTU to 38,5000 BTU)User friendly – can be placed against a wall, with unidirectional heat Fixed heat output and 360° zonal heating – gets in the way if kept in the middle or loses energy if kept on periphery


directional-heating-vs-zonal-heating The patio heaters use the principles of zonal heating. The burner heats an area of 360°around it; thereby heat is lost as heaters need to be placed on the periphery. Therefore energy is lost through wasted heat. The Tungsten Portable on the other hand provides directional heat in one direction, thereby heating desired area. This increases energy saving as no heat is lost.

Unlike traditional patio heaters, the Tungsten Portable has superior wind resistance and flame security due to a technologically advanced curved mesh cover that protects the flame even at wind speeds of up-to 7.5mph. Just in case the burner turns off and there is no flame, its twin thermocouples cut the gas supply off thereby saving energy and increasing efficiency.

Based on tests undertaken by Bromic Heating, the Tungsten Portable reaches higher efficiency of up-to 300%. This is achieved due to its patented ceramic technology that focuses the heat, thereby increasing energy conversion, and providing wider heat spread of approximately 215ft². This means that hypothetically where two mushroom heaters are required, only one Tungsten Portable heater can provide the same heat output.


Tungsten Portable has higher efficiency, less heat loss, and therefore saves more energy.

tungsten-portable-heat-map patio-heater-heat-map