Key Factors in Specifying a Heating Solution

Bromic Heating recognize the difficulties faced in designing comfortable, contemporary outdoor spaces that effectively incorporate heating. As the only manufacturer to produce gas, electric and portable products, we are uniquely positioned to point out a few key considerations that are crucial in concocting the ideal solution. Our in-house heating experts combine knowledge gained through the research, development and manufacture of our products with the factors listed below to create complete heating solutions for customers through our FREE site design service, an offer that we strongly suggest potential customers consider taking advantage of.


Energy Availability & Preference

The availability of energy on a project plays a large part in heater style selection, with coordination of electric and/or gas infrastructure between heating and other appliances an important consideration for any venue. In the case of renovations at established sites, existing infrastructure can skew the financial viability of a certain style.

Of course, personal preference for the offerings of each heating style can also affect selection.

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While specific heaters have differing mounting options, all require a sturdy mounting surface. Considerations surrounding the positioning of beams and other construction materials should ideally take into account the mounting requirements of the heaters specified.

Questions of efficiency and distance must also be considered. Individual heater specifications will provide measurements for minimum and maximum distances from the intended target to optimize efficiency, along with a minimum safe operating distance from the ceiling.

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Required Heating Area & Desired Intensity

Although it sounds obvious, areas with different purposes have drastically different heating requirements that must be factored into the creation of a complete solution.

Comparatively consider a seated dining area with a standing area, such as a beer garden or courtyard. While spot heating is not suited to a set seating area that requires strong coverage to service all tables evenly, the fluidity of standing sees congregation around areas of comfort naturally form in line with personal preference.

From this it becomes clear that one must consider factors other than a simple area measurement when specifying a heating solution.


Elemental Exposure

Heaters will operate unprotected in a wide variety of unfavorable conditions, but will also rapidly deteriorate as a result. Preventative measures as simple as stainless steel shielding above a heater can drastically increase the lifespan of a unit, and we recommend considering protection in the placement of our heaters.


Objects & Obstruction

Effective heating is certainly pleasant for human targets, but objects poorly placed with permanent exposure can quickly deteriorate when exposed to heat. This applies not only to perishable materials such as those found in furniture or decorative plants, but also appliances such as televisions, cameras, lighting and other common fixtures. This can be easily avoided by including a heating solution as early in the design process as practical.

Although they may not perish as a result, obstructions such as walls or other stylistic structures can hamper the performance of a heater, with radiant heat unable to pass through impermeable objects. In particularly scenic locations, obstruction on the part of the heater should also be considered, with subtle placement that does not affect the view achievable if properly planned.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that go into creating comfort in an outdoor environment. Bromic Heating’s industry experts will happily take the guesswork out of this process, offering the option for customers to submit plans and/or images to take advantage of our FREE site design service.

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